Family in late winter light throwing leaves in the air with theif canberra family photographer.

Family Portrait



I’m offering a special deal for families looking to update their photos.

I’ll capture some amazing photos of you and your family. Vibrant, playful and interactive moments that capture your love for each other!

Whether your family is as big as an army or it’s just you, your partner and a fur baby. Whoever you consider family, this deal is for you!

After your session, we’ll sit down together for your ordering session where you get to choose and purchase your photos!

*Please note that NO digital images are included in this special offer, but are available to purchase at your ordering session.

Sound cool? Scroll down to the form to fill in your details and claim this deal! Only five are available.

What’s Included

  • A design consult where I will help you figure out what your vision is. We’ll design the perfect portrait for the whole family.
  • no session fee to pay! (RRP 200)
  • access to my amazing studio wardrobe of timeless outfits for mum, bub and the whole family.
  • a fun, playful and interactive family portrait session on location OR in-studio family & baby session
  • A Portrait Reveal and Ordering session where I’ll help you choose your favourite artworks and guide you on printing them big*
  • A beautiful print for the wall – your choice of a 12×18 Canvas or 8×12 Framed Print for those who purchase a package.  (RRP $650)


    FOR $99

    Available for purchase for one month. Sessions must be in my diary within 30 days of purchasing this special. Inclusions are worth $800


    This is perfect for you if:
    • You’d love a pregnancy photo session to celebrate your bump
    • Just had a baby and want to capture the first year of milestones – the first smiles, rolling sitting, crawling.
    • Mums who’d love a beautiful timeless gown so they don’t have to worry about figuring out what to wear for their sessions.
    • You’d love amazing printed products so you can enjoy your family up on your walls every day.
    • You’d like flexibility over the session experience – choose between my Masterpiece Portrait Session experience or a Little Moments Session
    • You have a with smaller budgets for photography as the Little Moments Mini Session option allows for special discounted packages that include digital images and small pieces for display.



    Looking to capture your family’s essence in a truly unique way? Your photo session focuses on genuine connections and the love you have for one another.Your session will be designed around you, your family, and what it is that you’d love to have captured.

    This special is for those who’d love the flexibility to choose between a Masterpiece Session or a Little Moments and receive a bonus 12×18 Fine Art Canvas as well.

    If you’re drawn to authentic representations, rest assured, you’re in safe hands. Choose the session that speaks to your heart and capture your family’s story today.

    Every Session

    As Unique As You Are

    Don't settle for a portrait session that's the same as everyone else's. Get something special just for you! I'll work closely with you to make a session and a package that fits your unique needs. You deserve the best!

    Are You

    A Realist?

    Photography Sessions

    There is art in those every day moments. The magic lies in your family's love for one another. For those who seek a realistic representation of their family, there is an artistry in the ordinary – a beauty that lies in the unscripted laughter, the shared glances, and the gentle touch of a loved one's hand. Here, in the quiet moments of togetherness, the magic of your family's love shines brightest.

    Are You

    A Dreamer?

    Art Creation Session

    What lies beneath? Tell me your dreams, tell me your hopes, tell me your truth...Let's go beyond the day-to-day and create an artwork of your dreams. In your Dreamer Portrait Experience, I'll craft an artistic vision that truly encapsulates the essence of your family.  With your input, I'll explore styles and themes, from surreal to avant-garde maximalism. Whether you envision a classic, timeless portrait or a bold, contemporary statement piece, the possibilities are endless...

    Dreamer Portraits

    Your Family As Art

    Introducing the Dreamer Portrait Experience, where your family's story becomes a work of art. Are you looking for a unique, one of a kind family art piece? The Dreamer Portrait Experience is for you!  Sit down with me, your personal artist, as we delve into the essence of your family's style and vision.  Together, we'll craft a masterpiece tailored to reflect your unique personality. Once I've understood your vision, I'll retreat to my studio, armed with inspiration and creativity, to bring your dream to life. With skilful precision, I'll transform our discussions into captivating artwork, reminiscent of a timeless paintings.

    Dreamer Portraits

    What Can I Create?

    The only limit is your imagination and your dreams. Together, we'll uncover the passions that ignite your souls, the adventures that shape your journey, and the bonds that tie you together in a tapestry of love and connection. I'm here to help you figure out how to print and display your unique fine art portrait in your home.

    Your Full Service Experience

    Let Me Look After You

    Do you love the idea of arriving as you are to your session?  Do you love the idea of a safe space for your family to be your true authentic selves

    Do you love the idea of a finished photo product to display in your home? Well, you've come to the right place...


    It starts with your design consult, where we'll create your session together. I''ll guide you through everything from what to wear, how to prepare on the day, and how the final products will be displayed in your home.

    Create Your Portraits

    Come as you are and leave the rest to me. Loud, energetic & boisterous kids? Good - those make for the best pictures!

    It's my job to make sure your kids stay entertained and your partner relaxed, while you sit back and enjoy your makeover - it’s on me.

    The Reveal

    I’ll guide you in carefully selecting the best of the best portraits to display in your home. I'm here to help you decide the format that works best for you. Most families want a finished printed product for the home. I have all-inclusive options that include the entire gallery of photos and finished artwork for your home.


    Your artwork order is carefully handmade with my carefully selected photography labs across Australia, so you should expect 8 weeks to receive your products. Digital Images are provided via a personal online gallery within 7 days of finalising your order.

    Masterpiece Portraits

    Your Dream Session

    Are you looking for a photo session where you have full control over all the details? The Masterpiece Experience is for you!  We'll sit down together and design your dream session. I'll design your session around your desires from your outfit selection, preferred styling, and choice of location, to designing how the final photos will be displayed. My goal is to help you build a collection of lifetime legacy pieces to display in your home, all the details that make up your family, frozen in time and captured forever.


    Will I Wear?

    I've got the whole family covered! My client wardrobe is special and has something for everyone. You can pick timeless dresses made of luxury silk to gowns made with sequins and tulle. Babies under 2 get special outfits too. Dad's can get matching t-shirts to go with the outfits. The whole family is taken care of!

    Canberra Photographer

    It all started on the day 

    I received the call


    Without even realising, they managed to talk me off a ledge. Talking to them was like I had a friend.

    It was the first time in a long time, in a very long time that I didn't feel totally alone.

    Then coming into the studio, we were greeted like lifelong friends. the way every single person in the studio totally embraced my little family, my extremely wild little girl, my very quiet teen, my special little babe and my total awkwardness.

    Just wanted to say thank you for being some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Thank you for my beautiful photos.

    Thank you for embracing the different personalities of my family.

    - Kelly


    Your Questions

    Have questions about your photography session? Here are all the FAQs you need to know!

    Who Can I Include In My Session?

    You're welcome to include whomever you would like. There's no limits! Everyone is welcome! Grandparents, friends, mums groups and fur babies, whoever you call family!

    I'll design the session around your unique needs. If you'd like your newborn session to be all about mum, dad, and your new baby, or just your baby, or just your baby and their older siblings, I'll create magic no matter what your preference is!

    Family sessions, on location or in the studio can be just you and your fur baby, or you, partner and your three energetic kids, or just your baby on their first birthday, or you and your crazy extended family.

    Your session is all about you!

    What Will I Spend? I Only Want Digital Images, Is This An Option?

    Yes, digital images are available for your photography sessions.
    Your Little Moments Session:
    • 10 digital images are $590
    • 25 digital images are $990
    • All digital images are $1390
    Your Masterpiece Experience: 
    • The entire gallery (over 70+ images*) $2600
    • Artwork & Digital Image Packages start from $3200.

    Little Moments Mini Sessions:
    I offer a range of packages that are created to give you a balance of finished artwork and your favourite photos digitally.

    Packages start from $590. My most popular package choices see families spend $990 -  $1490. This can include the entire gallery of digital images or 10 or 20 of your favourite photos in digital format and a number of beautiful wall pieces ready for display in your home.

    *40+ images provided with a family composed of three or more family members.

    Masterpiece Portrait Sessions
    Families choose this immersive session because they want a fully customised, done-for-you experience. We'll have plenty of time for me to get to know you, play with you, and give you time to settle in and really take our time creating magic.

    Packages are all-inclusive, and start from $2600 for the entire gallery of digital images. Families who choose this experience want to print beautiful images to enjoy in their homes every day. If you spend over $3200 on heirloom artwork to display in your home, you’ll receive the entire gallery of digital images complimentary as well.

    *70+ images provided with a family composed of three or more family members.

    Dreamer Portrait Sessions
    Together, we'll delve into the details that make your family unique – from hobbies and interests to cherished traditions and inside jokes. Each element will be carefully woven into the fabric of your artwork, creating a tapestry of memories that will resonate for years to come.Once I've understood your vision, I'll retreat to my studio, armed with inspiration and creativity, to bring your dream to life. With skilful precision, I'll transform our discussions into captivating artworks, reminiscent of timeless paintings.

    And when it comes to presentation, the choice is yours. Whether you prefer a striking gallery canvas, an elegant framed print, or a bespoke album to treasure, I'll work closely with you to ensure your artwork is displayed in a manner that befits its significance. Digital images are not available for Dreamer Portrait Sessions. Printed Artwork Packages start from $3900.

    I'm on a budget, do you offer payment plans?
    Yes! No Interest Payment Plans are available via a PayRight. Let’s discuss your options early in the process so there is transparency for all parties involved. I recommend a Little Moments Session if this is the case!

    Don't worry about making a commitment right now! Just wait until your exciting portrait reveal, and then you can decide what's best for you. And remember, I'm here to guide you in your choice. We'll work together to create a package that suits your needs. But, fair warning – my clients fall in love with their photos and can't help but choose them all! So, get ready for an amazing experience and some truly unforgettable memories.

    Do I have to choose my package when I book?

    No! I want you to see your photos before I help you choose your images and package. I don’t require the purchase of a predefined “collection” or “package”, and I certainly don’t make you choose your package upfront. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose how you wish to invest in your memories.

    How Many Images Will I Get To See?

    Depending on your session choice, I'll create loads of variety, and as many images to choose from as possible without making it an arduous process for you.

    A fully customised, immersive Masterpiece Portrait session with at least three family members  (two parents and a child or one parent and two children) produces 70+ photos.

    Your shorter Little Moments Sessions produce 40+ photos.

    When will I choose and pay for my package?

    Don't worry about making any commitment before deciding to book! Just wait until your exciting portrait reveal, and then you can decide what's best for you, when you can see your family in the photos.

    And remember, I'm here to guide you in your choice. We'll work together to create a package that suits your needs. But, fair warning – my clients fall in love with their photos and can't help but choose them all! So, get ready for an amazing experience and some truly unforgettable memories.

    How Long Will My Session Go For?

    Your session time will depend on what session type you’ve booked. I am also very baby and child-led, and will follow their lead - as long as they are happy and willing!

    • Family Masterpiece Sessions are approximately 1 hour
    • In-Studio Newborn Masterpiece Sessions are approximately 2-3 hours
    • Extended Family Masterpiece Sessions are approximately 1-1.5 hours
    • Little Moments Sessions are 20 minutes
    • In Studio Little Moments Sessions are approximately 15-30 minutes
    • Maternity and First Birthday Masterpiece sessions 30-45 minutes

    What Is Required To Book My Session?

    All sessions require a non-refundable session fee to take your booking. This is your session booking fee and is separate from your package purchase.

    After your session, you’ll buy the photos you love, in a format that works for your family.

    Little Moments Mini Session fees are $100
    Masterpiece Portrait Session fees are $200

    How Long Will It Take To See My Photos?

    I will book you in for your ordering session at the conclusion of your photo session. This will depend on your availability and mine, but typically my clients have their photo reveal approximately 1-2 weeks after the session date.

    What Should I Wear To My Session?

    While it might feel easiest to go out and buy new outfits for everyone, there’s no need to – coordinating your outfits from the clothes you have in your wardrobe is perfectly acceptable. And they don’t have to be designer clothes!

    The goal with your clothes is to ensure that they complement and aren’t distracting. Wear clothes that flatter your body and that make you feel comfortable and that you know your kids will be okay in.

    For your Maternity & Studio Sessions, I have a large client wardrobe of flattering outfits for the whole family, and everything needed for babies.

    When you book, you'll receive a comprehensive PDF guide on how to choose what to wear. I'm also here to assist with the process as well and will talk you through the choices!

    What If My Children Are Shy And Need Time To Warm Up?

    I am very good at working with children with all sorts of attention spans, temperaments and energy levels. I'll always work to get the best out of your children whatever their mood. Your photo sessions is child-led with a focus on play, which works well for family members who are reluctant to have their photos taken. Sometimes it can take up to 5-15 minutes for children to appropriately warm up to someone they’ve just met but I'm very good at connecting with kids and helping them to relax.

    I Want Photos Of Us All Looking and Smiling For The Camera, Can You Do This?

    Absolutely, in every session, it is my goal to get photos of you looking and smiling at the camera as well as playful and interactive shots. However, if you’re more set on these traditional-looking photos, I may not be the right fit for you. My style of photography is to capture genuine, authentic magic moments, through a relaxed play-based directed manner and having you interacting with each other and your environment.

    What Is The Best Location For My Photo Session?

    My studio is located in Dunlop. I have a number of locations already scouted in Canberra, to suit a variety of needs. I'm constantly on the lookout for unique, special and beautiful locations that factor in good lighting and are tactile so that kids can explore and play easily. I have a range of locations that I will suggest after consultation with you, based on your personal aesthetic and vision.  If a particular image of mine resonates with you, let me know, as certain images have been taken at certain locations and times of year.

    What Time Is The Best For An Outside Session?

    Your on location session will be booked for 1-2 hours before the sun sets. Why? Because that’s when the lighting is soft, flattering and golden. The sun is low in the sky, which means there are no harsh shadows on people’s faces and we can get that gorgeous warm glow that will make your photos look magical. Morning Sessions are also available and will be booked for 1-2 hrs after the sun has risen.

    What Is The Best Time For A Maternity And Newborn Session?

    For your comfort and mobility, I recommend your maternity shoot be at your 30-35 week mark.

    For newborn sessions, you have a choice between a posed or lifestyle look or a blend of both. I recommend your baby be between 1-3 weeks if your preference is more posed or up to 6 weeks of age if you’re looking for a more lifestyle look.

    Newborn Masterpiece sessions are perfect for those who'd like to take their time and make sure I capture sleeping, very posed photos. Perfect for babies up to 3 months because I allow for plenty of time to keep baby settled and happy.

    Little Moments Sessions are suitable for babies from birth, through to 12 months and beyond

    What Are Your Rescheduling Policies?

    Check out my terms and conditions regarding rescheduling to be across all of the details. I will absolutely accommodate you in the instance of genuine need - ie sickness. I do ask that you communicate with me so I'm able to accomodate your needs.


    I know you’ve got everything crossed for good weather on the day of your session, however, I can’t control the weather. I can only read the forecast and make decisions based on that information. I have seen skies clear on rainy days and thunderstorms come out of nowhere, therefore I will make a call on whether we need to reschedule your session at the last possible moment. We may end up changing the location to work around the weather.

    Little Moments

    Portrait Sessions

    Would you prefer a shorter session? Would you prefer to let go of all the detail and leave it to me to capture you in a real life, relaxed and natural manner?  Would you like to be able to choose your top few stand-out images from your session? This is perfect for those who want a short and sweet session, but don’t want to compromise on the quality of the finished product.

    These sessions are designed to be short, playful and relaxed. Short in length, they're perfect for families who desire minimal design choices and planning. Available on location and in the studio. The perfect experience to capture those little magic moments between you and your family.

    Important Info

    You Need To Know

    Please consider these special offer terms and conditions before making your decision to claim this special offer.


    1. Sessions produce high-quality images that clients fall in love with. Please consider the experience included with your session and make sure I am the right photographer for you before deciding to purchase – For more info on pricing, please click here Moments Photography Canberra Pricing and Products
    2. Projects & Giveaways - The payment you make to book your session is returned to you as a credit to spend on your portraits. The usual session fee is waived and a payment is taken to secure the booking, this booking payment will be returned back to you at your purchasing appointment in the form of credit. The entire credit must be used and is not redeemable for cash and cannot be applied to a future session. (not applicable to fundraising projects as the payment will have been donated.)
    3. Special Offers and Package Specials (including by not limited to - Season Special/Maternity & Newborn Special, Mothers Day Special) The payment made to purchase the special includes the commitment to purchase a package from each session booked to be able to claim included products. Any credit included in the offer must be used in its entirety, is not redeemable for cash and cannot be applied to a future session.
    4. Your payment ensures that everybody’s time is valued and that another family does not miss out. If you need to reschedule your session with less than four weeks’ notice of your session date, a session fee will payable on rebooking in accordance with our rescheduling policy.  Your booking payment will be applied to the session fee.
    5. Digital images and packages are not included in your session but may be purchased at your in-studio ordering session at my studio in Macgregor, ACT.
    6. Special Offers / Projects & Givaways are only available for new session bookings, are not combinable with any other offer or gift certificates, not available for sessions pending a reschedule and not transferrable as cash. One (1) offer per family and can not be split between multiple sessions.
    7. Your complimentary included product is included with the purchase of a photo package.  Complimentary product is not available with the purchase of individual printed/digital products or on their own with no additional purchase. The purchase of a package must be made in order to receive the product. (Minimum investment is $790 and families typically invest 990 - 1490+ on Little Moments Mini sessions and 3200+ on Masterpiece Portrait Sessions.)
    8. If you change your mind within three (3) days of payment of your booking fee and wish to cancel, you may receive a full refund. You may request a refund of your booking payment if you do not want to proceed with your portrait session, provided you give more four week’s in accordance with our cancellation policy.
    9. If circumstances outside of the control of the photographer and/or client occur, you will be invited to reschedule your session to another date. If circumstances outside of all parties’ control occur and we cannot obtain photos, you will receive a full refund of your booking payment.
    10. Special offers and complimentary products are available for three months (unless otherwise stated) from the date of purchase. If the expiry lapses, any booking payment made can be transferred to credit towards a new session (normal session fee and pricing apply, any products or items in the special offer will no longer apply).
    11. If you are dissatisfied with your photos and do not wish to claim your credit or complimentary printed product, your booking payment will be refunded.
    12. Complete Service Terms & Conditions can be found here


    “Janet is an absolutely amazing photographer with real passion. We’ve had photoshoots for the kids with a number of other photographers and none of them compare to the beautiful outcome Janet is able to get. Very grateful to hear and capturing my favourite pics of my girls for a lifetime”


    "Janet was amazing with our son during his newborn shoot. So happy with how our photos came out we have already booked for his 1st birthday 'Fruit smash'! Highly recommend"


    "Janet did two sessions for me. A maternity and newborn session I was so impressed by the quality of the photos. I did email Janet a lot regarding what I wanted many times and nothing was too much trouble. She has excellent customer service skills but the photos are just beautiful and I am still amazed at how beautiful they are"


    "Janet is an absolute baby whisperer. Her experience in working with children and her expertise in the field has ensured each time we have worked with her that we not only receive the most beautiful images of our family but it has been a super fun, efficient and easy process. Janet is fantastic is working with you to learn and adapt to your visual tastes and end presentation needs. Particularly love her immense prep work, communication and use of digital forms to make everything so easy."


    "Thanks Janet for the lovely images you captured of our family - it is a joy to have them on our wall!"


    "Janet is a great photographer taking very high quality photos. She also communicated clearly what the process was going to be from setting up the meeting through to the delivery of your chosen product. I highly recommend her services!"


    "Not only are Janet's images breathtakingly beautiful, she has a way of making you feel relaxed and calm- not easy for new or pregnant mummas! Highly recommend"


    "Fantastic! Caring and a beautiful package from the first family shoot, to maternity, newborn session in hospital and family shoot. Can't wait for the next installation when bub is bigger"

    Meet Your Portrait Artist

    Mother of two fierce, highly rambunctious, primary school girls and fine art creator and award-winning Canberra family photographer.

    I've been capturing Canberra families of all shapes and sizes since 2014. 

    My mission is simple. To hold a safe space for your family to be your true authentic selves. To tell your story, to capture your little magic moments. To fill your home with photos that show how loved you are, and how much your family loves you in return...

    In the midst of my creatively chaotic world, where my neurodivergence adds an extra splash of magic, I navigate the colorful tapestry of family stories, connect authentically and capturing the genuine magic and love that make your family truly one-of-a-kind.



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    Please have a read of the terms and conditions, along with the general pricing info in the FAQs to make sure that this is the right offer for you! Digital images are not included and your complimentary product is included with the purchase of a package from your session.

    Let’s book your FREE design consult! It’s the perfect opportunity for us to chat, answer all your questions, and get your session booked in the diary. Let’s make some magic together!

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