Hi There! I’m Janet

After years of photographing my own little ones in their early years, what started as a creative outlet grew into Canberra’s Leading Newborn & Family Photography Studio.

So much of my heart and time goes into making sure my kids have the best possible start in life. When your child sees themselves reflected in a family photo, their sense of belonging in the home and in your lives is strengthened.

So from the moment your family starts growing, I want to help you capture all the magic of the journey to display in your home forever.

Your Personalised Experience 

Unique to Your Family

The difference between stunning images that capture your family at their finest, and forced smiles in awkward poses, is being able to truly connect with your photographer.

My job is to craft a joyful experience that brings out the best in your whole family. From designing your session around your unique family dynamic to keeping your kids entertained and engaged during your session.

More than just a photoshoot, this is a chance to remove yourself from the normalcy, be present with your family and most of all capture all the details that make up your tiny human, frozen in time forever.



Steph is your family and portrait photographer and is an energetic, fun-loving person who has a knack for reading people and making them feel good about themselves.

Steph loves to create art in many forms – whether it’s capturing the joy of her families through photography or creating games and creative prompts that are sure to bring out the best in anyone she encounters.

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Steph is also a women’s portrait photographer who strives to capture authentic photos that speak to her subjects and their unique beauty.

She loves getting lost in people’s stories, laughing with them, and making connections.

Steph likes “V” sugar-free energy drinks, eating all of the doughnuts Janet buys and hearing about fancy restaurants Ben tells her about that she could go to one day when she has more time.



Kate is our magical fairy godmother make-up artist who can transform anyone into the best self with her dazzling transformations and expert skills.

With over 10 years of global industry experience and an educator herself in her industry, Kate is absolutely phenomenal at what she does.

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Kate loves using makeup and her skills to transform women into the best versions of themselves!

Her love of beauty extends beyond makeup as Kate is also very passionate about nutrition and health.

She also considers herself a astrophysics geek who likes cats (yes really) and is a pop culture junkie.

She loves all sorts of music and often has eclectic playlists playing in her studio space.

In fact, her beauty studio can be found within a recording studio!

She takes her coffee black but she does love her tea as well to help calm her down after the caffeine fix.



Hannah is the master of running a smooth operation at Authentic School Portraits. Her attention to detail and multitasking skills make her an integral part of the team, ensuring that every aspect of the school portrait process runs like clockwork. While she may not be on the front lines of photography, Hannah is always available to assist clients with any inquiries they may have about their child’s school photos.

At Moments Photography Canberra, Hannah brings the same dedication and positive attitude to every task she tackles. Whether she’s offering a friendly welcome to clients or assisting with their artwork, Hannah is always ready to lend a hand. With her talent for running a tight ship and her commitment to making every client feel valued, Hannah is a valuable member of both the Authentic School Portraits and Moments Photography teams.

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Hannah has a deep love for understanding people. She admits that she loves to understand them so that she can look for how she can help them achieve their goals. She has a degree in Anthropology, which helps her with this endeavour. And is currently working towards a Bachelor of Visual Arts.

Hannah has a background in photography and also loves interior design. She and her partner spent a lot of their time last year decorating the apartment to fit her dark and moody aesthetic. While she’s usually dressed in large round glasses and dark colours, on the inside Hannah’s personality is warm, bright and she sees the best in absolutely everyone. Hannah is a lover of dogs and cats alike and spends her evenings and weekends at home with her partner and her two cats, or out for brunch in Kingston with her friends.

Hannah’s caffeinated drink of choice is a latte (largest that they’ve got!), no sugar. She proclaims, “I’m very basic”.



Danielle is our in-house photo retoucher who has magic in her fingertips, by wielding her computer mouse, she can bring out the best in any photo. A lover of yoga, bike riding, running and probably countless other body-enriching activities, Danielle fits right in with our team by being a little bit of a nerd too. 

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Fun fact about Danielle – she was the young reader who asked JK Rowling if Dumbledore ever loved anyone, to which JK replied, “Dumbledore is gay, actually” for any other HP fans out there, you’ll know how mind-blowing this information was for our team to hear.



Want to have our team of professional photographers photograph your child’s school? Kim is in charge of managing our sister company Authentic School Portraits! She is passionate about providing schools and parents with a higher quality, more authentic alternative to the awkward and awful school photos that are so common. As well as being an amazing children’s photographer, Kim is responsible for much of the behind-the-scenes work on our social media platforms at Moments Photography Canberra.

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Kim is a hairdresser, photographer and physie dancer extraordinaire. She owns two adorable staffies and is mother to a tribe of children. Kim always has time for her loved ones and enjoys nothing more than a good laugh. Her sense of humour is razor sharp, but she’s also fiercely loyal to the people she cares about. When she’s not busy taking care of her family or working, Kim can be found dancing the night away at physie competitions.

Janet & Steph


Steph and I have a unique relationship. We met in 2016 and formed a close friendship, building Moments Photography Canberra and Little Grasshopper Photography along side each other.

In 2018, we joined forces to become business partners and founded our studio space in Macgregor together. Over the years, we’ve build a beautiful studio space together, and have unique relationship where we share a team across our two businesses, creating a unique seamless service that provides the greatest variety of photography styles available for Canberra families. 




“Janet is an absolutely amazing photographer with real passion. We’ve had photoshoots for the kids with a number of other photographers and none of them compare to the beautiful outcome Janet is able to get. Very grateful to hear and capturing my favourite pics of my girls for a lifetime”


"Janet was amazing with our son during his newborn shoot. So happy with how our photos came out we have already booked for his 1st birthday 'Fruit smash'! Highly recommend"


"Janet did two sessions for me. A maternity and newborn session I was so impressed by the quality of the photos. I did email Janet a lot regarding what I wanted many times and nothing was too much trouble. She has excellent customer service skills but the photos are just beautiful and I am still amazed at how beautiful they are"


"Janet is an absolute baby whisperer. Her experience in working with children and her expertise in the field has ensured each time we have worked with her that we not only receive the most beautiful images of our family but it has been a super fun, efficient and easy process. Janet is fantastic is working with you to learn and adapt to your visual tastes and end presentation needs. Particularly love her immense prep work, communication and use of digital forms to make everything so easy."


"Thanks Janet for the lovely images you captured of our family - it is a joy to have them on our wall!"


"Janet is a great photographer taking very high quality photos. She also communicated clearly what the process was going to be from setting up the meeting through to the delivery of your chosen product. I highly recommend her services!"


"Not only are Janet's images breathtakingly beautiful, she has a way of making you feel relaxed and calm- not easy for new or pregnant mummas! Highly recommend"


"Fantastic! Caring and a beautiful package from the first family shoot, to maternity, newborn session in hospital and family shoot. Can't wait for the next installation when bub is bigger"

Need Help Choosing Your Session?

That’s what I'm here for, get in touch if you have any questions and I can guide you in designing an experience that fits with your families unique dynamic!