Fine Art Portraits

By Janet G

Introducing ClofiArt

Family Artwork representing A mesmerizing painting of a lone figure standing in a surreal landscape filled with lush, vibrant flowers under a dusky sky, creating a scene of profound beauty and introspection.


The Story

Exploring Neurodiversity

ClofiArt is an my extraordinary artistic endeavour, centred around exploring neurodiversity through visual fine art as a medium.

At ClofiArt, each piece tells a compelling story of resilience and the beauty found in neurodivergence. My art captures a unique paradox—it’s hauntingly dark yet bursts with vibrant colour, creating an unforgettable visual experience.

My artwork embodies a powerful expression of navigating life’s storms, providing a mesmerizing blend of beauty and the unsettling, often through the lens of surrealism.

Whether you’re drawn to the intrigue of neurodiversity themes, or are looking for art that speaks directly to your heart and transforms your space, Clofiart offers a stunning collection that not only commands attention but also sparks meaningful conversations and awareness.

Family Art Work Commission A surreal portrayal of a figure standing in a misty, enchanted garden, her body adorned with lush, colorful flowers that seem to burst into life around her, creating a vibrant and otherworldly atmosphere.

Dreamer Portrait

Session Special

Unlock Your Family’s Dreams: Experience the Magic of Dreamer Portraits

In the Dreamer Portrait Experience, we don’t take photographs – I create art to hang in your living room. This is a collaborative journey where I delve deep into your family’s dreams, hopes, and truths.

I craft a portrait that resonates with the very soul of who you are.

From whimsical scenes to avant-garde compositions, the possibilities are endless. Perfect for those who crave a one-of-a-kind artwork that captures the magic of their family’s love.

What’s Included

  • A free design consult where I help you figure out what your vision is and if this expereince is right for you. We’ll design the perfect portrait for the whole family.
  • Dreamer Fine Art Portrait Consultation Session. An in-depth conversation with you to learn about your hopes and dreams for your artwork. (RRP $300)
  • Your Dreamer Creation Project. I create several amazing art pieces for you
  • A Portrait Reveal and Purchasing session where I’ll help you choose your favourite artworks and guide you on printing them big*
  • A $1500 print voucher towards the purchase of your artwork*

All Yours

For $590

*Available for purchase for a short limited time. Design consult and session must be booked within 30 days of purchase. Packages start from $3900 and digital images are not available.


Australia Wide


If you’re drawn to the magic of imagination and creativity, the Dreamer Fine Art Portrait Creation Session awaits.

 This creative project is designed for those who envision their family’s story unfolding as a work of art, with each creation capturing the essence of your dreams and aspirations.

Through collaborative visioning and artistic expression, I’ll craft a masterpiece tangible, printed artwork that transcends reality, transforming your family’s portrait into a unique and captivating piece of fine art to adorn your walls for generations to come.


Are you seeking to capture the essence of your family in a way that transcends the ordinary? Are you looking for a tangible piece of art to hang in your home? Do you dream of creating a masterpiece that reflects the unique personality and aspirations of your loved ones? Then the Dreamer Portrait Experience is for you.

This experience is a collaborative journey into your family’s dreams and aspirations. From whimsical scenes to avant-garde compositions, this session is perfect for those craving a one-of-a-kind printed art masterpiece.

Prefer celebrating the beauty of everyday moments? Opt for the Realist Photography Session, focusing on genuine connections and the love you have for one another. Whether you’re drawn to dreamlike artistry or authentic representations, rest assured, you’re in safe hands. Choose the session that speaks to your heart and capture your family’s story today.

Every Session

As Unique As You Are

Don't settle for a portrait session that's the same as everyone else's. Get something special just for you! I'll work closely with you to make a session and a package that fits your unique needs. You deserve the best!

Are You

A Realist?

Photography Sessions

There is art in those every day moments. The magic lies in your family's love for one another. For those who seek a realistic representation of their family, there is an artistry in the ordinary – a beauty that lies in the unscripted laughter, the shared glances, and the gentle touch of a loved one's hand. Here, in the quiet moments of togetherness, the magic of your family's love shines brightest.

Are You

A Dreamer?

Art Creation Session

What lies beneath? Tell me your dreams, tell me your hopes, tell me your truth...Let's go beyond the day-to-day and create an artwork of your dreams. In your Dreamer Portrait Experience, I'll craft an artistic vision that truly encapsulates the essence of your family.  With your input, I'll explore styles and themes, from surreal to avant-garde maximalism. Whether you envision a classic, timeless portrait or a bold, contemporary statement piece, the possibilities are endless...

Dreamer Portraits

What Can I Create?

The only limit is your imagination and your dreams. Together, we'll uncover the passions that ignite your souls, the adventures that shape your journey, and the bonds that tie you together in a tapestry of love and connection. I'm here to help you figure out how to print and display your unique fine art portrait in your home.

Your Family

As Art

How will you receive your artwork?

Once I’ve created your art pieces in your Dreamer Creation Project, we will meet up again and I’ll show you what I’ve created for you.

I’m here to guide you in choosing your favourite art pieces. Using my decade of design experience and artistic eye, I’ll provide expert advice on how to print and display your favourite portraits for your home.

This is for families who want real art pieces that depict their family as art. Digital images are not available for this art creation project.

Wall Art

Fill Your Walls

Fill your living room with beautiful wall art work displaying your family’s love for one another and your dreams.

Packages start from 3900.


Museum Quality

Imagine an artwork hung on your wall that looks like an oil painting straight out of the Lourve….It can be yours!

Packages start from 3900


Fill Your Bookshelves

Storybook albums are designed with little fingers in mind, so you can flick through your family story together. I’ll design a storybook that will tell your story.

Storybook albums start from 6900

Fine Art 

Framed Print

Printed on archival smooth cotton rag, your framed fine art print will be a work of art that will adorn your family gallery wall.

Packages start from 3900

Are You Ready To

Start Building Your Family’s Legacy?

Meet Your Portrait Artist

Mother of two fierce, highly rambunctious, primary school girls and fine art creator and award-winning Canberra family photographer.

I've been capturing Canberra families of all shapes and sizes since 2014. 

My mission is simple. To hold a safe space for your family to be your true authentic selves. To tell your story, to capture your little magic moments. To fill your home with photos that show how loved you are, and how much your family loves you in return...

In the midst of my creatively chaotic world, where my neurodivergence adds an extra splash of magic, I navigate the colorful tapestry of family stories, connect authentically and capturing the genuine magic and love that make your family truly one-of-a-kind.



Make Your Heart Happy

Buy Prints Here

Looking for that unique piece of art ready right now to print?

When you choose a piece from Clofiart, you’re investing in archival museum-quality art that is designed to stand the test of time. Each artwork is meticulously crafted using the finest materials to ensure that every print preserves the vivid colours and intricate details of the original. This means your chosen piece will continue to inspire and evoke emotions for decades, maintaining its beauty and impact. It’s not just art; it’s a lasting legacy of exquisite craftsmanship that you can pass down through generations.

Printed On Demand


Art Prints

Cream Canvas art print


Museum Quality

These canvas pieces offer a splendid, ready-to-hang solution to bring vibrancy and warmth to your environment. Printed on durable canvas and stretched over a sturdy frame, each piece not only adds aesthetic appeal but also brings a tactile depth to my artworks.

Canvases start from $690

Art print canvas hanging on a green wall

Fine Art 


Crafted with precision on high-quality paper, these prints bring my original artworks to life with stunning clarity and colour accuracy. Printed on archival smooth cotton rag, your fine art print will be ready for you to frame yourself

Prints start from 250

Get Started

Fill in Your Details Here 

Please have a read of the terms and conditions, along with the general pricing info in the FAQs to make sure that this is the right offer for you! Digital images of these artworks are not available for purchase. Commissioned Art pieces start from $3900.

Let’s book your FREE design consult! It’s the perfect opportunity for us to chat, answer all your questions, and get your session booked in the diary. Let’s make some magic together!

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