Limited Edition Mini Sessions

You, your beautiful family, and 15 minutes with our camera - A RECIPE FOR MAGIC

You, Your Beautiful Family

And 15 minutes with OUR camera – a recipe for magic 

Hi there! We’re a studio of family photographers with over 15 years combined worth of experience! We specialise in capturing genuine, authentic images that look fabulous printed on our client’s walls. You’ll walk away from your session with finished, ready to use products that showcase your absolute favourite images so you can enjoy them for the rest of your life…

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Mother and child in wattle


Happy family in golden light


Family playing in autumn leaves


Family playing in autumn leaves

What are limited edition mini sessions?

These Limited Edition Sessions are a fantastic opportunity for parents who want to update their family photos on a yearly or twice-a-year basis and don’t need or want to go through a full photography session process.

These sessions all have specific themes, sometimes seasonal, sometimes something fun… They are no longer than 15 minutes long and you’ll be shown 20+ beautiful portraits.

They are held over a specific weekend, monthly. 

How much are the photos?

You’ll have 15-25 images in your gallery to choose from.

Digital images are $149 for one, and packages with printed products start from $490.

Most of our Limited Edition clients spend between $490-$2500 on their photos. This can include finished artwork, ready to display in the home as well as digital images.

You can also purchase just digital images. One or more are $149, and packs are $396 for four digital images. Clients typically spend $990-$1490 on the photos they love!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many photos will we get to see?

There will be approximately 15-25 images to choose from.  Most of our Limited Edition clients spend between $149-$2000 on their photos. This can include finished artwork, ready to display in the home as well as digital images. Digital Images start from $149 per digital image.

You have the option of purchasing digital image packs which start at $396 for four digital images. Or you can purchase artwork and digital images, collections range from $490-$1990. Clients typically spend $890-$1490 on the photos they love!

What if it’s raining?

If it is forecasted to be raining at the time your session is scheduled and your session is outdoors, we will reschedule. You will be given two-three additional dates to choose from to ensure you’re able to make it. We will try to accommodate your session to a date that suits you and your family. Please note that we will not reschedule if it is cold. Dress warmly.

If warm weather is important to you, please ensure you choose a session when the weather is typically warmer which is October through to end of March.

What if my kids get sick?

We completely get that this kind of thing happens. Unfortunately, due to the limited spots, and as we will not be able to fill your time with the limited notice, your session cannot be refunded. You are welcome to gift the session time to a friend.

How long are the sessions?

Ten to fifteen minutes. No longer than 15 minutes. Please ensure you arrive with five to ten minutes to spare to ensure you can locate us and can prepare your kids if necessary.

What if I am running late?

The sessions are 15 minutes long and are placed back to back. If you are running late, or are not prepared, your session will be forfeited or you’ll lose shooting time. Please ensure you arrive with five to ten minutes to spare.

Are there any restrictions on numbers?

No, we are happy to photograph as many people as you call family. However, please keep in mind that we cannot photograph all possible combinations in fifteen minutes and that you would be required to be organised as a group to ensure we can get started quickly. We recommend having the group arrive and meet together with twenty-thirty minutes of time before your session. Otherwise, please speak to us about booking a regular session so we can take our time.

Can I bring my pet?

It depends. Some pets do just fine, while some pets are more difficult. If your pet is well trained or is able to be picked up, then yes. Otherwise, please speak to us about booking a full family session so that we can take our time. We also recommend arriving early and allowing your dog to take in all the new smells so they’re ready to go by the time your session time is ready.

My child sometimes takes a while to warm up to strangers

These sessions are designed to be playful and fun. If your child is shy, we will work with you to capture playful, seemingly candid shots. As these sessions are only fifteen minutes in length, if you think your child may need a little extra time to warm up to us, then possibly look into booking a full-length session. While we will always do our best to make your child feel at ease sometimes they just need some time to feel comfortable.

My child has special needs, will this kind of session suit them?

No. We don’t suggest these short sessions for children with special needs as the fast nature at which we work may not get the best out of your child.

If your child is not typical developing and requires more time and assistance, we recommend speaking to us about booking in a regular, full length session so we can take our time at a more casual pace. Your child will feel a lot more comfortable if allowed to move at their own pace.

Your Personalised Photography Experience

Welcome to Moments Photography Canberra. We're a full-service studio, whose speciality is you, your family and your full service, personalised experience.

Oh, and we're also pretty good at our craft. We're Canberra's leading Fine Art Newborn Photography studio, and we specialise in capturing baby's first year and families of all shapes and sizes.

Your session will be designed around you, your family, and what it is that you'd love to have captured. We don't just meet you on location, then hand over a gallery of digital images, we guide you through an in-person experience, from which you'll walk away with amazing photos and tangible pieces of art that show your family's love and connection.

Whether you're after just a couple of nice photos (our limited edition sessions are for you) or you're after the full session experience (keep reading), you are in safe hands when you choose us as your photographers. You have a life worth documenting.

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Janet was amazing with our son during his newborn shoot. So happy with how our photos came out we have already booked for his 1st birthday "fruit smash"! Highly recommend


Janet did two sessions for me. A maternity and newborn session I was so impressed by the quality of the photos. I did email Janet a lot regarding what I wanted many times and nothing was too much trouble. She has excellent customer service skills but the photos are just beautiful and I am still amazed at how beautiful they are


Janet is an absolute baby whisperer. Her experience in working with children and her expertise in the field has ensured each time we have worked with her that we not only receive the most beautiful images of our family but it has been a super fun, efficient and easy process. Janet is fantastic is working with you to learn and adapt to your visual tastes and end presentation needs. Particularly love her immense prep work, communication and use of digital forms to make everything so easy.


Thanks Janet for the lovely images you captured of our family - it is a joy to have them on our wall!


Janet is an absolutely amazing photographer with real passion. We've had photoshoots for the kids with a number of other photographers and none of them compare to the beautiful outcome Janet is able to get. Very grateful to hear and capturing my favourite pics of my girls for a lifetime


Janet is a great photographer taking very high quality photos. She also communicated clearly what the process was going to be from setting up the meeting through to the delivery of your chosen product. I highly recommend her services!


Not only are Janet's images breathtakingly beautiful, she has a way of making you feel relaxed and calm- not easy for new or pregnant mummas! Highly recommend


Fantastic! Caring and a beautiful package from the first family shoot, to maternity, newborn session in hospital and family shoot. Can't wait for the next installation when bub is bigger

Your Easy 3 Step Service

Janet smiling at camera

1. Planning

Your Design Consult! We'll talk all about your needs, what to wear, how to prepare, and help you start thinking about how you are going to display these images. This is when we will get your session in the diary.

Janet photographing newborn

2. Creating

Shooting your session and capturing those photos that will last a lifetime.


Matted newborn prints

3. Purchasing

Your in-person ordering session and buying the photos you love. We're here to expertly guide you in creating the perfect package for you!

Full Range of Printed Products

When you hire a professional photographer, you should receive professional products...

Digital Images Available Too

Delivered via Online Gallery for your convenience and sharing with family and friends


Canvas, Framed Prints and Collages, Metal Prints and Wood Prints available

Framed Prints

Canvas, Framed Prints and Collages, Metal Prints and Wood Prints available

Metal Prints

Canvas, Framed Prints and Collages, Metal Prints and Wood Prints available

Bamboo Folio Art Boxes

Story Book Albums

Gift Certificates Available

Gift your loved ones a gift that will last them a lifetime

Products & Pricing

When your child sees themselves reflected in a family photo, their sense of belonging in the home and in your lives is strengthened. Each time they walk by a family image, countless times a day, the message is sent.

“You, my child, are important. 
You, my child, matter. 
You have a special place in this world. 
You are a part of this thing called family; and you are loved.”

We want to send you home with tangible reminders of all your family milestones and evidence of how much your little ones are loved.

Individual Digital Images are $149 and are available on a sliding scale

Packages with Printed Products and Digital Images start from $490

*Prices are per session
Matted newborn prints

Digital images

For the families who’d like the DIY option… 

Digital images are an option! Purchase them by themselves or in addition to your other products.

Each digital image is a high resolution, edited image with a release for printing. 

Digital Images are delivered via Online Gallery for download. Images that are purchased are also kept in archive, an extra backup for you in this digital world!

You can also opt to buy the entire collection of photos (20+ images). All inclusive print packages include all the digital images from your gallery

Framed print collection

Wall Art

Not only is displaying beautiful artwork of your family on the walls in your home a great way to decorate, you are showing how important your family is by displaying their smiling faces.

Canvas, Framed, Metal And Wood Wall Pieces are available

Matted prints and bamboo box

Folio Art Boxes

This is a very versatile option because you receive a box filled with ten or twenty matted art prints. You can display them on easels around your home, give as gifts to family members, pop into a frame to hang on your wall. And it comes with a hand-made, personalised, custom made box to store the pictures too.

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