How many images will I get to see in my gallery?

There will be approximately 30-50 amazing images to choose from. Depending on your session type, we try to provide as many images to choose from as possible without making it an arduous process for you.

How much will I spend?

We’re so confident that you’ll love your images that there’s no minimum purchase amount. Spend $2000 on 10 digital images and matching prints, or invest in a wall cluster, portfolio box and album for your bookshelf. There’s something to appeal to every taste and budget. Typical investment from clients is upwards of $2000-5000+ per session.


Can I Purchase Digital Images?

Yes, digital images are available as well. There are three ways you can purchase digital images, the matching file to your print purchase, in packs or on an all inclusive custom package upon your product purchase. Payment Plans are available with PayRight.

What is the session fee?

To book your session, we charge a session fee. The session fee is our commission fee to reserve time in the calendar as your service provider.

It’s a booking fee that covers our preparation and planning for your session to make it all about you. The fee holds your booking in the diary. After the session you’ll buy only photos you love, in a format that works for your family.  

What time of day will my session happen?

The outside images you see on our website have all been shot during the first and last hours of the day. Your session will typically be scheduled for the hours before sunset, or the hours after sunrise.

Newborn Sessions are scheduled at 9.30am or 1.30pm, to allow the full morning or afternoon for the session.

What location do you use?

Our studio is located in MacGregor. We have a number of locations already scouted in Canberra. If a particular image of ours resonates with you, let us know, as certain images have been taken at certain locations.

How Do I Book My Session, And When Do I Have To Pay For My Images?

A non refundable session fee is required to book your session in our diary, and you will order and pay for your images, packages and products at your in person ordering session. Payment in full is required for us to provide your images and printed products. Please note that until your ordering session, we have not yet been remunerated for our work for you.

When will i see my Photos?

Once your session is complete, that’s where our work really begins! We refine your gallery to include only the best of the best images. We prepare your images to make them ready for viewing and then schedule an ordering session with you. It takes approximately four weeks for us to work our magic with your session photos.

When do I order and pay for my images?

Your ordering session will be scheduled approximately two-four weeks after your session. This ordering session is where you will view your gallery of beautiful images, choose your favourites and decide on the package and products you’d like to purchase.

Placing your order (i.e. payment for your packages and products) will happen at this session. Payment in full is required for us to provide your images and printed products. Please note that until your ordering session, we have not yet been remunerated for our work for you.

I'm on a budget, do you offer payment plans?

Yes! No Interest Payment Plans are available via a PayRight. Let’s discuss your options early in the process so there is transparency for all parties involved. We recommend a Limited Edition Mini Session if this is the case!