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Natural Newborn Photos Canberra

Embracing the unpredictable nature of newborns, my photography style for your relaxed Little Moments Session is deeply rooted in a natural and organic approach. I specialise in natural newborn photos in Canberra, where the essence of the session is led by your baby’s own rhythms and moods. Whether they decide to doze off or stay wide-eyed and curious, I capture those authentic moments with warmth and sincerity.

Taking baby’s lead means that each session is uniquely tailored to the comfort and natural state of your newborn. If they are awake, I use the opportunity to capture their bright eyes and interactive moments. If they find themselves in drifting off to sleep, I gently photograph their peaceful expressions and the subtle details like the tiny hands, feet, and the sweet serenity of sleepiness.

This approach not only ensures that the photographs are true to your baby’s natural personality but also makes the experience stress-free for parents. There’s no need to worry about posing or forcing your newborn into all sorts of different positions. Instead, the focus is on creating a soothing environment where natural light and soft textures enhance the timeless atmosphere of the photos.

My client wardrobe is fully equipped with natural fibres and soft colours that complement this organic style. From beautifully knitted wraps to soft cotton outfits for babies, every element is chosen to ensure comfort and add to the visual harmony of your photos. This collection is available not just for the newborn but for the whole family, aiming to create a cohesive and timeless look for your family portraits.

Choosing this path for your newborn’s first photos means trusting in the natural beauty of these early days, captured in a way that is genuine and unforced. As your Canberra photographer, I am committed to providing a peaceful, baby-led session that respects and showcases the natural elegance of your newborn, making your memories truly timeless.

Hi, I’m Janet

Mother of two fierce, highly rambunctious, primary school girls and Moments photographer. After years of photographing my own little ones in their early years, using photography as a creative outlet grew into a passion that grew into a business.

I am a fully accredited, award-winning photographer. From the moment your family is growing, I’m passionate about capturing snippets of the journey to display in your home forever.

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