Baby Girl Fruit Bath | Little Moments Session

First Birthday Photos Canberra for a Sweet Celebration

Celebrating a first birthday is a monumental milestone not just for the baby but for the parents too. It’s a celebration of growth, milestones achieved, and the many joys of parenting. While traditional cake smash sessions are popular, I offer a unique and delightful alternative for parents who are mindful about sugar intake or worried about allergies.

Fruit baths are an excellent choice for first birthday photos, providing a vibrant, playful, and safe setting for your little one to explore and enjoy. By substituting cake with a variety of colourful and fresh fruits, these sessions turn into a sensory activity that babies love, while also being mindful of health considerations.

As a professional photographer in Canberra, I specialise in creating these beautiful, fun-filled sessions that not only celebrate this special occasion but also cater to the health preferences of your family. The natural sweetness of fruits, combined with the joyful expressions of your baby, results in stunning, fine art portraits that capture the essence of your child’s curiosity and joy.

This alternative not only ensures a safer celebration for babies with dietary restrictions but also offers a unique way to commemorate their very first birthday. Let’s make your baby’s first birthday photos a colorful, joyful, and mess-free celebration that you will cherish forever.

Joyful baby sits next to 'ONE' sign and a tub of colorful fruits, perfect for a first birthday photoshoot in Canberra
Smiling baby in a fruit tub enjoying strawberries during a fresh and natural first birthday photoshoot in Canberra
Baby biting a strawberry while peeking through white curtains, celebrating first birthday in Canberra
Baby sitting in a wooden tub, touching strawberries, celebrating a fruit-themed first birthday in Canberra
Overhead view of a baby playing with fruits in a tub, captured during a first birthday photoshoot in Canberra
Curious baby exploring a fruit-filled tub during a first birthday session in Canberra
Baby with blue eyes enjoying a strawberry during a playful first birthday photoshoot in Canberra

Hi, I’m Janet

Mother of two fierce, highly rambunctious, primary school girls and Moments photographer. After years of photographing my own little ones in their early years, using photography as a creative outlet grew into a passion that grew into a business.

I am a fully accredited, award-winning photographer. From the moment your family is growing, I’m passionate about capturing snippets of the journey to display in your home forever.

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