Prepare For Your Baby Session

Your Baby Session is designed to showcase the milestones of your bub’s first year. Suitable for 3-12 months, these sessions will capture the first smiles, first sitting moments and first crawling moments...


An important component of the session is bub’s relationship with their family. Images with mum, dad, siblings (human or furbabies!) form a standard part of your gallery. If you’d like to include grandparents, please bring them along.


I provide all the styling elements needed for your session, including outfits, wraps, headbands and bonnets.

You’ve chosen me as your photographer because you have fallen in love with my images. I take time to carefully style your session beforehand, and every piece of fabric and other styling elements have been carefully selected to match colours and tones.

This is a process that needs preparation beforehand, so if you’d like a particular setup, please send me a screenshot of my work before your session so I can make sure to include it.

I have a range of poses and set ups that I move through in this time. If there is an example of my work that you are particularly fond of, or if you have special ideas for your own session, please let me know with at least 24 hrs notice. Due to the nature of detailed preparation required for your session, I cannot accommodate out of the ordinary requests without prior notice.


I work very quickly during these sessions. There is usually a 20-30 minute window where baby will be happy to do what I need to with them to capture their amazing photos.

I do block extra time in the diary so we’re not rushed. This is to allow time to comfort baby and allow time to breastfeed if needed. Sessions typically last approx 20-30 minutes.

I will take your bub’s lead and allow him/her to be the focus of the shoot.

Please do not schedule other commitments after your session, as I cannot guarantee that I will have captured what I need to for a full gallery if you need to leave early.


To ensure your photos have a timeless look and feel, please wear clothes without logos or designs when coming to a session. Please wear clothes that complement each other well; I suggest choosing a coordinating colour palette and avoid clashing patterns. Please do not bring more than one outfit. As far as what to dress you and partner in, keep it simple. Plain, solid colour t shirts are best. Throw in colour if you’d like, but stick to plain colours.

Dad, wear a plain t-shirt (no logos, writing or pictures, no collars or buttons that could disturb bub) and don’t hesitate to let me know if you’d like skin on skin images.

Mum, if you like, you’ll have access to my gorgeous range of gowns to flatter your changing body. Wear something you feel comfortable in, and also, don’t hesitate to let me know if you’d like skin on skin images. A bit of makeup and a blow dry will make Mum feel comfortable, beautiful and ready for photos.

Just remember…simple, solid and neutral works best and helps keep the mood soft, with the focus on bub.

An important reminder. Avoid prominent logos, licensed items or writing on clothing.

If siblings will be at the session, it is best to dress siblings in solid, neutral colours (eg: black, navy, cream, white or grey), so that the focus can still be on bub.

Watches these days are amazing. They’re smart, and they keep track of your life. The trend these days are large watches, with large faces. These can become very distracting in a timeless portrait. Please leave these at home, as they can’t be edited out after the fact.

Please leave your phones in the car. Phone Photography is not permitted during your session, as it can be very distracting for everyone involved, particularly if I’m trying to photograph your family, and they’re distracted by the person using the phone to photograph at the same time.

This is your time to be present with your family. It’s your time to take a step back from the whole world and to be present with your family.

Guys, this one is for you in particular. Phones in pockets, particularly in front pockets, can look like other things!!! Unfortunately, isn’t easy to edit these choices out after the fact.

Leave plenty of time on the day to prepare for your session. Have your clothing chosen WAY in advance and make sure that your outfit choices are comfortable and attractive. Feel free to send me a picture of what you have chosen for me to make suggestions.

I recommend bringing snacks or drinks, and be sure any little ones have a nap before you come instead of expecting they’ll sleep in the car. It can take longer to warm kids up if they have to be woken. If you have small children, try to avoid too many things happening in the day as this will tire them out.

There are some things that that you can do to help ensure a successful session:

  • Try and make sure baby is rested and fed before arriving
  • Before leaving home, dress bub in clothing that does not have to be taken off over their head.
  • If bub is on solids, bring a snack or two.
  • Please make sure to arrive ready to be photographed! It can disrupt the flow of our engagement with the baby and eat into your session time if you’re not ready to go.


These are active sessions. Bub’s need for mum, dad, and familiar things, is high during their first year, and they may not be happy if you’re not close by. Be prepared to sit on the edge of the set to be close to bub and provide comfort.

I will take your bub’s lead and allow them to be the focus of the baby photo shoot. I will not force your baby to do anything they don’t wish to do. It could be that your session consists of family photos only.

Please do not schedule other commitments after your session, as I cannot guarantee that I will have captured what I need to for a full gallery if you need to leave early.


Babies have little immunity during their first year. I take their health and safety very seriously, and your session will not take place if I’m unwell. If this is the case, I will let you know at the soonest opportunity and will reschedule your session when I am  better. Your baby’s safety is my first priority. Particularly important is that my whooping cough, COVID and flu vaccinations are up to date.


I’ll schedule your ordering session at the end of your session. It is usually within 1-4 weeks of your session that I’ll be able to get you in the diary, depending on your availability aligning with mine.

Please note that ordering sessions are held during the week, as weekends are held for photography sessions.

Your ordering session is where you will view amazing images I’ve captured for you for the first time. These will have been narrowed down to show you the best of the best from your session.

I will help you shortlist your favourite images, discuss your requirements and use visualisation software to show you how your images will look best on your walls.

You’ll choose a variety of heirloom quality products including albums, folio boxes and wall pieces. I’ll expertly guide you through the best products for your lifestyle. Your ordering session is where you will choose your printed products and digital images; and make payment for your purchases.

This is not a hard process! Time and time again, clients have told me how easy I’ve made this process for them. The only hard part will be choosing your favourite images.

I realise that it can be difficult visualising the size of your products in relation to where you’d like to display them in your home. I use software that makes this a breeze, simply take a photo of an A4 size piece of paper against the wall you’d like to use, and send a photo to me. The software will do the rest for us!

Hi, I’m Janet

Mother of two fierce, highly rambunctious, primary school girls and Moments photographer. After years of photographing my own little ones in their early years, using photography as a creative outlet grew into a passion that grew into a business.

I am a fully accredited, award-winning photographer. From the moment your family is growing, I’m passionate about capturing snippets of the journey to display in your home forever.

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